Working Chute & Crowding Tub
#WCCT Fast and easy way to handle sheep
  • Unique design allows all sections to be interchanged
  • 1" x 1" tube frames with 24" height sides
  • 18" wide chute can be narrowed to 10" at bottom for lambs
  • Length of chute can easily be extended by adding extra sections
  • Guillotines and anti-backups can be inserted anywhere along the chute
  • Versatile design allows the unit to adapt quickly and efficiently to your operation
  • Aluminum rollers with sealed bearing for long lasting smooth operation on pull-out door
  • NEW white plastic sides for better sheep flow
  • NEW pull-out revolving door; no more need to chase sheep out of tub&emdash;just pull out and swing around again
  • NEW half-circle plastic to eliminate dead spot behind revolving door and funnel animals to chute
  • NEW fold-down top bar for easy access to smaller animals in chute
  • Extra Components: Tilt table, scale, two-way cutting gate, extra panels (priced separately)
  • #WOP Sorting Panel (with 34" sorting gate) 8'l x 40"h
  • #WSP Straight Panel 8'l x 40"h
  • #WCT Tub Only 5'd x 40"h (spring loaded latch on revolving door)
  • #WGG Guillotine Gate 20"w x 72"h
  • #WAB Anti-Backup 10"w x 24"h